2018 is an election Year for the NCASRO Board If you would like to be considered please see the letters of intent below:

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Congratulations to our Winter Raffle Winners!

Tama Jo Stearns – Concord, NC

Easton Auman – Sophia, NC

Michael Oxendine – Lumbeton, NC

Rodney Hinson – China Grove, NC

Michael Irvin – Charlotte, NC (double winner) 

Thanks to who purchased tickets in support of The North Carolina Association of School Resource Officers.

Our Mission

NCASRO Mission Statement~
To provide a supportive and educational network to the School Resource Officers in North Carolina and beyond, with the common goal of protecting every child so they can reach their fullest potential in a safe learning environment.

NCASRO is a non-profit organization that helps put the needed tools in the hands of today’s SROs. SROs work to reduce school violence by enforcing violations of the law occurring on school property, by informing students of the dangers of substance abuse, by introducing programs that will promote and enhance acceptable social behavior, and by serving as positive role models.